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HSC WinnerTrade is an online Derivatives Trading solution with many advanced features based on a comprehensive market information platform. Investors definitely have unlimited experience and completely assure about their purchasing decisions. With derivative account opened at HSC, Investors are able to:
  • Easily real-time tracking market information includes: Price Information, Transacions of the whole day
  • Placing order with variety type such as: Trailing Stop, OCO, Bull/Bear, If Done Stop, If Done Gain and Normal
  • Intraday Chart provides changing price on the day and historical data
  • Keep track of Investors's details like Order, History, Trade and Account with Client Summary
Please click to the following link to download HSC WinnerTrade Installation file.
HSC opens HSC WinnerTrade channel daily from 8:45AM
for the trading on HNX Exchanges.
Vietnam Derivatives Market Handbook
HSC WinnerTrade Installation Guide